Fish of Albany

The name "Fish" comes from the symbol used by early Christians as a sign of identity and unity. Today, Fish of Albany extends help to people in the greater Albany area and to others passing through.

Fish is a cooperative effort begun in 1973 by civic leaders and churches. Over the years, Fish programs have assisted with clothing, transportation, medicine, food and shelter. The organization is run by volunteers and funded by local churches, United Way of Linn County, private donations and foundation grants. The number of persons served by Fish annually increased from 4,968 in 1981 to over 30,000 in 2019 and continues to grow.

Fish wants to reach out to folks in need AND to those who want to volunteer their time, talents and resources to help others. Call (541) 928-4460 to find out how you can volunteer—or to arrange for a speaker for your club, church, workplace or group.